Welcome to UberGT project page!

UberGT is an unofficial firmware mod for Netgear DG834GT router made by Bracco.

DISCLAIMER: This firmware is provided as is. It is unofficial and unsupported by Netgear. Use it at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that results from the download or use of these files.

  • 28-09-2007 UberGT1.06 1.02.09 Beta 4 Released!
           --Fixed the reset to default settings problem (was not working)
           --Added some connection optimizations taken directly from FreeDG       
           --This will probably be the last release i will do, there is a much more advanced
             and better project being developed based on 1.01.32 so there is little to no
             reason for me to continue to work on mine.
             You can find it here: http://www.emulesecurity.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1240

  • 16-09-2007 UberGT1.06 1.02.09 Beta 3 Released!
           --minor bugfix in wake on lan page            
  • 14-09-2007 UberGT1.06 1.02.09 Beta 2 Released!
  • 13-09-2007 UberGT1.06 1.02.09 Beta 1 Released!
           --Based on 1.02.09
           --Removed NAT loopback cause it's now integrated in standard firmware
           --Added some new (but unkown) options to ADSL physical settings
           --Added Wake On Lan utility (from http://dg834wol.altervista.org/)
           --Removed Fre and Deu localizations, if you select them you will get Eng interface.

  • 17-12-2006 UberGT1.05 1.01.32 Beta 3 Released!
          --This one is based on 1.01.32 firmware
  • 16-12-2006 UberGT1.05 Beta 3 Released!
          --Fixed Dyndns not working
  • 15-12-2006 UberGT1.04 Beta 2 Released!
           Based on 1.02.04 firmware, UberGT1.04 provides the following features:
           --Configurable ADSL physical parameters
           --Possibility to permanently enable Telnet
           --Possibility to enable NAT Loopback
           --Telnet now asks for user and password (user is root, password is the same of web interface)
           --Various additional commands available via telnet (mostly shell commands)          
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